Ezora and Exact Online

Ezora and Exact Online

Ezora accelerates your financial close and provides a 360-degree insight into your business performance.

Ezora helps you complete your accounting in Exact Online and combines your Exact Online data with information from any other source in your business to provide a complete picture of the performance of your business

Accelerate Your Financial Close

  • Automatically post accounting for EPOS/CRM activities
  • Track accounting close processes
  • Consolidate all your companies
  • Self service financial reporting

Complete Performance Insight

  • Analyse performance by Cost Centre, Cost Unit, Project
  • Combine Exact Online data with other EPOS, CRM data
  • Drilldown from dashboards to underlying transactions or scanned invoice documents
  • Identify trends and understand deviations against budgets and prior year
  • Get notifications when your financial metrics or business drivers hit  thresholds  that you determine


  • Our support team is available to answer any of your questions between 9 and 5:30 simply by emailing support@ezora.com


  • Less time and labour spent bookkeeping and preparing reports
  • Faster accounting close – more timely decision making
  • Single version of the truth – consistent decision making
  • Data driven decision making – less guesswork
  • Fully customizable to your business – you don’t have to compromise
  • Ezora is cloud based, secure and mobile